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Eventivio Oy
The mission of Eventivio is to become one of Europe's leading event management and ticket sales platforms. Using our expertise and innovative event engine we seek to empower event creators and make their ventures thrive.
Why work with us?
Unique solution for your business requirements.
We help you automate your daily processes, making them faster and more reliable.
We help you improve your operations using modern tools. Allowing you to focus on the things that matter.
What do we offer?
Pixel Perfect Design
Our design is outcome of endless optimisation and UX studies. Using each feature is as intuitive as breathing.
Retina Ready
Everyone use smart phones, so why not to use them with our products? Everything we create is responsive and mobile friendly from day zero. The future is now!
Easily Customizable
Working close with the customer and repeatedly improving our product will give you great power in getting the solution you need.
24/7 Support
With our team working all the time you can reach us in seconds using email or phone. Getting assistance has never been that easy before.
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